SEEKING SANCTUARY: An exploration of trans prefiguration

A multiphase, community driven photography and drawing project that manifests trans sanctuaries that work across time, medium and senses. This project is an assemblage of stories, bodies, desires and wounds. We are precisely seeking connection to queer futures of abundance, rest and protection.

Curated and created by Mo Glitch and Mo Phùng

Artist Collaborators: Brody Weaver, Jacquie Shaw, Bria Miller, Excel Garay, Carmel Farahbakhsh, Arielle Twist and Calendula Sack

Installation Team: Hannah Guinan, Sally Wolchyn-Raab, Excel Garay, Wren Tian-Morris, Cinthia Arias Auz, Francella Fiallos and Gabe McClellan

Location: Khyber Centre for the Arts (Kjipuktuk)

Photos by Ryan Josey, Wren Tian-Morris and Mo Phùng

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